About AD Drums

About AD Custom Drums

AD Drums is an independently run Custom Drum Company, specialising in custom builds, finishes and shell manufacture.

Since opening our doors in 2005, AD Drums has built a range of custom builds and finishes to meet all budgets and specs, creating kits for drummers wanting something unique and completely different to every other drummer out there.

Unlike high street brands, when dealing with AD Drums, you are speaking to the people who will build your dream kit - apply the finish and the hardware, eliminating both a third party and the risk of anything going wrong. This ensures we get the finished product to meet your exact specification.

Contact us with an idea or a complete design and we will make sure we build your dream kit, Can’t decide want you want? No problem – at AD Drums we have extensive experience in creating and designing custom builds, and are always on hand for unique ideas and suggestions.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on having a very one on one bespoke service, and often invite keen drummers to our workshops to help inspire their dream kit.

Here’s a question for you, do you have old toms lay around gathering dust? Well here at AD Drums we can transform your toms and turn them in to an ear splitting snare drum. We can also create new drums from old hardware, keeping your costs to a minimum…

The possibilities really are endless, at AD Drums we know we can make your dream kit a reality.

History of AD Custom Drums

All started when i was 14, I used to customise and edit drums for people infact this is where the name comes from (AD stands for Altered Designs) as it all started by altering exisiting kits. Athough young i had a firm grip on woodwood and how drums went together from playing from the age of 6. At this point the internet hadnt really become a household essential like it is now and i set to finding out how to make shells from scratch, with alot of help from my dad we managed to suss this and make some pretty good shells for first timers, this was perfected over the next few years and as my band was touring, more people saw my work and asked for me to make custom drums for them.

Things were going great and more ideas and large quanties of hardware started making its way in to my workshops until in 2007 where i live was hit with the worst floods the UK had seen in years, this wiped out alot of my molds and stock, not to be discouraged i had to think on my feet and struck up a great relationship with an engineering friend, to cut a long story short we now have a range of Birch shells made just for AD by a single person, they are built like houses and have a tone thats always a crowd pleaser.

Continuing to reinvest in what i believe in has allowed AD to grow for what we believe is the right reasons for why i started the company, i would rather make 1 drum a year for the right reasons rather than 2000 for the wrong.

The possibilities really are endless and we know we can make your dream kit a reality so please get in touch we look forward to chatting drum with you!


Carl Haffield Owner of AD Drums

About Carl

Founder and owner, who would have thought all thoses years tinkering with old shells would turn in to this.. I refuse to compromise why i started the company - I would rather make 1 drum a year for the right reasons rather than 1000 for the wrong. I try and help each an every customer make sure we build them a true custom kit they will cherish for years to come.

Carl Haffield / Founder, All aspects of AD manufacture & artwork
Dommi Drums all round good guy who helps out overseas.

About Dommi

All round good guy and super quick player, Dommi has been apart of the AD crew for many years now, Carl was so impressed with his skills and how he put AD name out throughout Europe that Dommi now works alongside AD to help further the brand in Europe.

Dommi Rauch / European Pusher / AD Artist
Forecast & AD Partnership

What is Forecast Drums all about?

Forecast Drums Ltd is the independently run sister company of AD Drums, specialising in Custom Acrylic Drums.

Why i hear you ask?? well the answer was simple, how many other custom acrylic drum companies can you name that soley use acrylic? yep thats right none, after years of thinking it was time to put these thoughts in to action and in Late 2013 Forecast Drums was born.

Why decide to seperate the acrylics from AD? In the effort to make Forecast known to the masses i knew it would be impossible to go it alone so partnered up with long time friend and fellow builder Jamie Cross, a fresh image that is still looks like the kits AD produced in the past. The new company has allowed Forecast to take a few avenues untouched by alot of other companies selling acrylic drums, we are pushing the creative limits on what we can do with acrylics and are thrilled by the response we are getting.

Please check out the Forecast website at the following link, we have a range of show kits and snares availablt to buy off the shelf at very keen show deal prices. www.forecastdrums.co.uk

We endorse these brands for our Bespoke Custom Drums