UK Custom Printed Drum Wrap

Custom Printed Drum Wrap all made in house in the UK.

We are one of the very few drum companies world wide that has the ability to create custom drum wraps in house. We hope you can see from this page just how much time and effort has gone in to the development of these finishes, if you want a picture of your Nan on her 80th birthday splashed all over the rack tom and your news paper print over your bass drum now you can!

In House Design

UK Drum Wrap Design

All our Custom Printed Graffix Drum Wraps start life as you would expect as an idea in someone’s head, we have the ability to design everything you need in house with over 12 years design knowledge. We work with you every step of the way to make sure your vision is created, stuck for ideas or having trouble finalizing your design, we can aid in the development of the artwork and make sure the final result is something we can all be proud of. Our designs are what really set us apart from other wrap manufacturers as we have spent time and effort created artwork for existing types of wrap like pearls, ripples etc.

In House Printing

To keep up with our expanding ideas and experiments we invested in our own large format printer so now even our printing is done in house. This enables us to control everything to the finest detail. Our range of media means we can create all types of thickness wrap from simple overlays to hardcore coverings. Fades pearl effects and multi stripe work are effortlessly printed in a range of colours not help in stock by the large manufacturers.

UK Drum Wrap Printing

In House Manufacturing

UK Drum Wrap Manufacturer

Finally after the printing is complete we begin to create the wraps. We invested in further machines that allow us to do what we do in a quick and effective manor, we trim all wraps on our trimming machine within a tolerance 0.02mm over the length so spot on for all manufacturing aspects.

The Finished Result

UK Custom Drum Wrap

As they are made for drummers by drummers its clear to see how some simple attention to detail makes all the difference. We are so excited about this new process which we are proud to say in all in house, we look forward to creating something no one has ever seen before, get in touch for introductory discount prices.

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